Manitz Finsterwald PartmbB Philosophy


Constant and sustainable growth in recent decades has made it possible to achieve continuous expansion of our spectrum of services and to ensure adequate time for the careful selection and training of new staff and employees and thus to invest in the quality of our work.

We take care to nurture a pleasant and harmonious working environment so that a highly motivated team can direct its full energy to providing ideal service for our clients.

The efficient collaboration of three generations of attorneys allows our clients to benefit from both the legal and strategic know how gained through decades of practical experience in intellectual property matters and the advantage of wellfounded specialist knowledge in all areas of modern advanced technology.

We endeavour to provide well reasoned and constructive advice to all our clients, who range from individual inventors through small and medium sized enterprises to large concerns operating worldwide. As a result, we have succeeded in building up long term successful relationships with our clients, characterized by mutual trust and a measure of fun in the collaboration.